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Analysis of Empowering Looked After Children – Eileen Munroe. LSE Research Articles or blog posts online.

Empowering Looked After Kids relates to a report undertaken with regards to children's opinions about their experience of being cared for and the amount of power they will felt that they had to influence decision making.

The aim of the research was to gain the landscapes of Taken care of children and ascertain the amount of power and influence that they had in making decisions about them.

The rationale of the research was to build the reality of current cultural care practice in line with the rights of kids to be included, and take part, in decision making about their lives, wishes and feelings and in line with recent policy changes in the Looked After Children paperwork and the Top quality Protects Effort.

Fifteen taken care of children were interviewed pertaining to the study, man and female, older between 10 and seventeen years of age. The young people interviewed had been in care for in least two years and had been identified as meeting the criteria by their social workers ‘so that they had substantial connection with being looked after'. It might be argued that just because children are older when they are in the attention systems, they would not necessarily have more experience of becoming in proper care than children underneath the age of ten years of age.

The researcher admits that the technique of finding a sample did take some risk and workers did determine the children, however it can not instantly be assumed that employees chose these children since they believed they would certainly not be overly critical of social proper care, it has not been deemed, or reported how various children had been in the proper care of the Authority at the time of the investigation and no rep figures received.

The conclusion with the study acknowledges that the involvement of children in decision making and their rights to obtain their voices heard is one that few social attention professionals would contest, nevertheless that putting the...