How to Make an Essay Longer

Meeting the required word or page count of essay assignments canbe a challenge for some students, especially if they need towrite many papers at once. How to make an essay longer? Somestudents often use such simple tricks as making fonts a bitbigger or increasing margin sizes. Although these tips are easy,there are other smarter options to write a good-quality andlonger essays. Making your paper meet the necessary page or wordcount doesn’t need to be a hard process because it’s possible toadd more length while adding more depth and clarity. However,finding good words for a paper on the subject that you don’t knowmuch about can be challenging. Read this guide to get the helpyou need.

Stay Informed and Sensible

Quantity can’t replace quality in the eyes of all teachers, soit’s always best to write short and excellent essays than a longpaper filled with nonsense and many mistakes. If your assignmentends up being very long, this means that you overdo things, andyou need to remove some of steps. It’s important to stay sensibleand informed while checking that you don’t face the oppositeissue of writing too much. Trying all of these steps (especiallymargins and font sizes) is quite likely to lead to an unwantedfail.

Available Formatting Options

  1. Formatting headings. Type dates, names, classes, and otherdetails in the upper right corner, and give every element its ownline.
  2. Formatting titles. Once it’s chosen, write it down and selecta big font size, which can be underlined and bold. If a title isquite long, break it in the middle, but be careful not to overdothis trick.
  3. Using line breaks. Each time it’s necessary to hit a returnkey, do it twice to get 2 additional lines. This trick can beused after essay titles, headings, and between paragraphs.
  4. Focus on font sizes and types. Most teachers ask theirstudents to use standard fonts, so don’t override their personalpreferences to avoid putting final results at risk. You can makeall required periods a bit bigger to make your essay appearlonger.
  5. Using line spacing. Find the icon that allows you to stretchout your text and customize your line spacing to achieve the sameeffect.
  6. Paying with margins. Changing them is enough, and this trickis not so obvious. For example, margins at the bottom of pagesare the easiest one to manipulate.
  7. Focusing on character spaces. This method is less common, butit works very well and it makes spaces between letters a bitlarger without being too noticeable.
  8. Bolding important phrases and words. This technique takes upmore writing space, but don’t make bolding too obvious forprofessors, especially if they don’t like anything in essays tobe bolded or underlined.
  9. Using footers. How to make an essay longer? This simple trickcan help you move all bottom margins up, so you will need towrite less. Ass any important information, such as your name, toadd more functionality and make papers longer.

Effective Content and Text Options

  1. Using concluding and topic sentences. Restate each importantopinion in a sentence that ends an essay paragraph. However, youshouldn’t use the same phrases. This step is necessary to makethe whole essay sound professional, considered, and well-thoughtwhile still making it appear longer. Be careful not to irritatedetails-oriented marker while using this tip.
  2. Avoiding using contractions. You need to use as few of themas possible. In terms of essay writing, this method offers abenefit of making your academic paper sound more formal.High-school students can use it as a good practice when writingtheir upper-level essays.
  3. Spelling out any numbers that are lower than 10. It’s a basicrequirement in any formal writing. This simple technique will notonly teach you how to make an essay longer, but it will also makeit look better.
  4. Minimizing all pronouns. This writing technique requires youto be quite careful because it has a tendency of making essayswordy fast, and it can detract from their readability and qualityif you overuse it.
  5. Using many quotations. Instead of giving standard snippets,include the entire quotations before you start explaining them.Find the right way to connect them back to a thesis statement toexplain to readers their use.
  6. Being a wordsmith. In addition to making your essays looklonger, this writing method may give an impression that you’rereally passionate about the chosen topic, which is quite helpful.Just like with other techniques, you shouldn’t overuse it becauseyou definitely don’t want your paper to sound too embellished andverbose.
  7. Using longer words instead of the shorter ones. If you haveany problems when considering possible ways to make essay wordslonger, use special synonym tools to find them and lengthen theline.
  8. Making commas and periods a larger font.
  9. Drawing out an essay conclusion. This section shouldn’t belimited to only one paragraph. Based on the length of the rest ofyour paper, an effective method to add more length to it iswriting a conclusion section that simply sums up otherparagraphs. Then you need to add another conclusion that makes afinal point about a thesis statement and draws on your summary.

More Ideas about Increasing Your Essay Content

Look back at your essay prompts and read it a few times whilethinking about the following questions:

  • Are all prompt questions answered in your essay?
  • Is there any information that you leave out and that canimprove readers’ understanding of your arguments?
  • Do you offer enough supporting evidence for all the claimsyou make?
  • Do you meet the necessary length requirements for this paper?

If you fail to answer positively to any of these questions, it’snecessary to go back and revise everything.

Checking and Proofreading Essay Sections

In most cases, new ideas tend to evolve while writing an essay.If the first paragraph that you write is the introduction, youneed to go back and reread it to determine whether there is anyinformation that you leave out and that helps readers tounderstand your arguments better. Look back on a concludingparagraph to ensure that your paper summarizes the main pointsand you provide the audience with an effective solution toconsider in the end. If this goal isn’t achieved, go back andrevise everything.

Ask other people, such as friends, parents, or others, toproofread your paper, especially the points that may soundconfusing. Revise any unclear parts and add more information toprovide the audience with more clarity. You have a betterunderstanding of the chosen topic than readers, so asking othersto check your essay is an effective way to make sure that youdon’t miss any major details. They can also give their hints onhow to make an essay longer.

Using Quotes and Reviewing Your Outline

There’s a high chance that you know how to use quotes in academicpapers. They offer a perfect way to make arguments stronger whileincreasing the word count of your essay. However, it’s notadvisable to add quotes only for the sake of doing that. If youfeel short on words, read your chosen source materials todetermine whether any valuable quotes are missed. Conduct moreresearch to find other sources that can be added to providereaders with more evidence that supports your arguments. Longerquotes are not always better, but you may need to lengthen theones that are already included to increase your word count.

Make sure that you have an outline to plan the whole essay beforegetting started. Go back through this initial plan to understandwhether all intended points are hit. Sometimes, students mayleave out some important arguments that can help them improveessays and increase their page counts.

Using More Transitional Phrases

Students often use traditional words that link sentence to eachother. Read your essay again to ensure that all sentences flowsmoothly. If they don’t you need to add more transitional phrasesto make your writing piece easier to read and get closer to wordcount requirements in this process.

Read your essay out loud even if it seems a simple step. It willhelp you become aware of all syntactical and grammar problems.When you rephrase any sentences to solve them, you’re quitelikely to end up increasing the length of your paper.Furthermore, you may understand that you failed to include someimportant details so that you also need to add more to increasethe word count. Use multiple examples to support any argumentthat you make and take a break to come back to this academic taskwith your fresh perspective and get new ideas.

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